Encore Welcomes You & Celebrates Your Graduation!
Because we think of our residents as family, we delight in making them feel special every chance we get.
The Welcome and Graduation Celebrations in our Encore community are a big deal – they mark the journey of healing that residents are about to embark on or have already taken.


Even though your stay in our rehab community is only temporary, we want to celebrate your accomplishments at every turn. We know you’re working hard to return home, so we make sure your success is acknowledged. From welcome to graduation, your goals are our goals.


When a new resident joins our Encore rehab community, here is a general idea of what he or she can expect to happen:


Prepping For Your Big Day.

Our team gets to work preparing for your arrival. A personalized resident profile is created and shared with the staff, plus an admission “surprise” is created based on your likes and interests. When the big day arrives, the staff and other residents gather to greet you, our newest resident.


The Day Arrives … And So Do You!

The handshakes and hugs are many when you walk through the door and are introduced to the staff and other residents. Afterwards, a short tour of “home” is given which includes you seeing your new room, and meeting your new neighbors and roommate (if applicable). This is followed by refreshments and/or a meal depending on the time of day.


Explore Your New Home!

After the celebration, our staff will review the daily schedule of meals, bathing, activities, and more. This includes showing you the various dining room seating options. We even give you complimentary meal tickets so you can invite friends or family over for a meal. You’ll also meet the therapy team and tour the rehab gym.


Your Care & Comfort Is Our Highest Priority.

During the last phase of your welcome celebration, we’ll review all paperwork with you and a family member who may be assisting you. Need change of address postcards for family and friends? No worries … we can give you a set to mail out. Our Social Services Director will also check in to make sure that you’re comfortable with everything. Lastly, we’ll keep your family updated on how you’re doing – that you’re having fun, enjoying the meals and making lots of new friends – so they have peace of mind knowing you’re receiving that high quality of care Encore is known for.


When it’s time for a resident to graduate from our Encore rehab community, here is a general idea of what he or she can expect to happen:



Congrats … you’ve reached your rehab goals so it’s graduation time. To make the process as easy as possible, our team will walk you through the discharge process so you’ll know what to expect. If you need the staff to assist with anything – run errands, initiate post-discharge applications for VA or long-term care benefits and similar needs – just let us know.


No graduation is complete without a celebration! At Encore, that means walking or wheeling through formation of staff and other residents while celebratory music plays until you reach the “finish line” tape. Whoo hoo!


Home Sweet Home!

After you’re discharged, we have a number of follow ups to take care of. We’ll send a progress note to your doctor. We’ll call you at home within 24 hours to make sure you’re doing well. Within three days, one of our team members will stop by to say “hello” and bring you a little surprise (lunch, dessert or flowers). After that, we’ll check in regularly over the next three weeks with phone calls and visits just to make sure you’re getting settled in.