Story & Crafts

Supporting Memory Through
Storytime, Crafts & Cooking
By combining storytelling with crafts and cooking, residents can have an engaging experience that supports memory care.
Encore’s signature Story & Crafts program engages residents with stories followed by an interactive craft or cooking project based on the main element threaded through the story. Story & Crafts promotes social engagement and is specially designed to support memory function and aid in memory care.

Thanks to Encore’s trusted partnership with local libraries, librarians visit Encore once a month and read lighthearted stories aloud to our residents. Encore’s caregivers oversee and participate in the arts, crafts, and cooking activities.


Whether it’s reading a short story about a grandmother’s cooking, followed by whipping up stacks of delicious homemade pancakes with maple syrup, or reading a book about the beach then making creative seashell jewelry, Story & Crafts is always engaging and therapeutic for residents.