Remember When

Making The Memories Of
Yesterday Brighter Today
By sharing cherished memories and the milestones of life, residents can experience powerful benefits to their memory function.
Encore’s signature program, Remember When, is an engaging monthly activity that encourages reminiscing through conversation to support memory care. It’s the perfect opportunity for seniors to exercise their mind by recalling past experiences that help release those cherished memories that are tucked-away.

A wide variety of discussion topics are used and are inspired by the season or time of year. Each month has a designated theme to encourage residents to recall a specific event in time and then share their memory of it – no matter how vague or vivid the details might be. During September, residents might be asked to share stories of their first day of school or their child’s first day. Other themes and stories include Thanksgiving Day in November, wedding day memories in May, hurricane-season kickoff in June, and many more.


Remember When is offered for all residents as a specially developed therapeutic program to aid in memory function. This signature program provides a calming yet interactive way for residents to enjoy each other’s company and memories, while reaping the benefits of memory care.