Social Living

Progressive Activities For The
Adventurous Soul
Life at Encore is not just about living, but about enjoying all that life has to offer each day through exciting, new experiences and then sharing those moments with others.
We know our residents crave both adventurous and mentally-stimulating activities that complement the lifestyle they’re used to living. Whether it’s learning how to cook a new casserole, taking a peaceful fishing trip out in the gulf to encourage male bonding or weekly manicures for luxurious pampering, our activities are progressive and anything but ordinary. They encourage our residents to make meaningful connections with others and develop life-long friendships.

Because personal growth and socializing with friends is important to a healthy lifestyle, we invest in a community that promotes both. By continuously evolving our monthly activities calendar based on residents’ interests, personalities, and culture, they’re encouraged to pursue their passions and try new experiences.


From trips to the local zoo, fun craft projects, and cooking clubs to senior-specific computer systems that promote health and wellness, our activities are specially designed for seniors to enjoy. Our comprehensive activities schedule is far from run-of-the-mill and will inspire your loved one to get involved, challenge themselves, laugh out loud, and experience a better quality of life. Plus, our frequent off-site excursions bring excitement into residents’ lives and offers an abundance of new experiences to enjoy.


The social community at Encore is designed for living, and flourishes with diverse personalities and lasting friendships, leading to happy, fulfilled residents.