Tech Connect

Expanding The World Of Our Residents
Helping residents stay connected with family, friends and other residents is a priority at our community. Tech Connect helps encourage those regular interactions that strong relationships are built on.

Virtual visits that bring everyone closer.

Through the use of iPads, virtual communication programs like Messenger, Skype and Facetime and the help of our Tech Assistant, residents can easily stay in touch with their family and friends. Whether connecting for a big event like meeting a new grandbaby or just discussing the events of last week, Tech Connect shrinks the world and helps keep residents closer to the ones they love.

We’re serious about fun and games.

Today’s technology also opens the doors to fun activities that encourage exercise and socialization. Through Echo Show Music and apps such as TikTok, SnapChat and YouTube, residents are able to enjoy a variety of games, music and videos that are cognitively-appropriate and can lead to meaningful interactions with others.

Therapy through technology.

While Echo Show singalongs and TikTok dance lessons sound like fun, there’s also an important therapeutic side to Tech Connect. Connecting with family through weekly virtual visits helps residents stay healthier, happier and experience less feelings of isolation. What’s better, even those residents with cognitive decline or limited mobility can learn and benefit from this form of communication.