Kitchen Traditions

Family Recipes Spur Social
Connections & Memories
Encore’s signature Kitchen Traditions program encourages resident participation in a fun-spirited cooking class to support social connections, cultural ties, and memory care in the kitchen.
Encore provides two variations of Kitchen Traditions. One is specially designed for residents living in our long-term care community. The other variation of Kitchen Traditions is found at The Retreat, our memory care community, which is better suited for residents living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.


Whether our residents are beginner chefs or experts in the kitchen, Kitchen Traditions is a monthly fun, interactive, and self-paced cooking club led by one of our Life Enrichment Directors. From gourmet grilled cheese, to nana’s lemon icebox pie, and Dad’s top-secret seafood gumbo recipe, anything is fair game – and always irresistibly delicious.


Residents meet ahead of time to map out their next group recipe venture. Kitchen Traditions is a time for friends to gather in the kitchen, cook their cherished recipes, while telling stories and sharing joyous memories. And since the group always shares their tasty creations with their community residents, everyone gets a taste of Kitchen Traditions – even if they’re unable to participate.


The Retreat is a safe and private comfortable community for Encore’s memory-impaired residents. Kitchen Traditions at the Retreat is developed with a focus on memory support by trying family recipes with cherished memories. The once a month cooking club is led by The Retreat caregivers who are professionally trained in memory care support.


The class is fun, engaging, and promotes independence among residents at The Retreat. From chicken cordon bleu, which reminds residents of Sunday dinners, to sweet potato casserole reminiscent of the holidays, the cooking opportunities are endless – and always irresistibly delicious. Residents also enjoy picking out a new smoothie recipe to make as a group.